Can Your Asset Management Software Cope With All License Types?

It's the dread of every IT manager in the world -- a big vendor waltzes into the office prepared to conduct a licensing audit.


Learn to distinguish licensing metrics, it helps you optimise your license deployment and licensing costs. Beware, here are hundres of licensing metrics amongst all license publishers. Some examples

What happens when your Subscription License ends?

Reaching the end of an agreement
Subscription licensing is a hot topic within the SAM (software asset management) world at the moment, with a number of organisations dipping their toes into the unknown waters of non-perpetual licensing.


License renewal requires a clear licensing strategy for now and for the future - some fine insights into vendor license negotiation

BYOD – avoid software licensing liability surprises

Employees bring their iPads to work to access Microsoft software. They trigger potentially expensive licensing requirements for Windows Server applications, Office suite applications and the Windows client OS, as well as they impact the yearly qualified device count (true-up),  that must be reported under Enterprise Agreements (EAs). You may ask yourself whether your team commands