How do we process your data?


Data1. Access to data

LMaaS Agent is the onsite utility that collects data for the license management process. All discovery and license entitlement data is periodically uploaded to the LMaaS production platform!

Compliance2. Your compliance position
Once the data is available in the LMaaS production platform, the licensing  team takes on the reconciliation and auditing processes, to produce the Effective License Position for your estate.

Reporting3. Reports
As soon as the baseline is created you will be sent your management reports. We will walk through the reports with you and highlight any actions or considerations. You will also have access to over a hundred of detailed online dashboards and reports.


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Data Center Platforms? No problem!

LMaaS covers all major data center software vendors including VMware, IBM, Oracle and SAP, giving you a structured and a complete view of your software estate.

Recognize, Optimize and Control Oracle licenses

We engage with you to provide a baseline on your Oracle usage as compared to your license entitlement. All servers in the data center domain that have Oracle software installed and/or that are running Oracle software are analyzed. Any virtualisation that is used for Server & Storage partitioning is also taken into account. This comes together in a compliance position. You can now decide where you can remove any unwanted software or potentially then negotiate a best possible commercial deal with Oracle rather than a facing a forced audit.

You will now have everything needed should you be approached by Oracle LMS. No unbudgeted expense is incurred on non-compliant Oracle software use. This process is then updated annually so that you hold steady control over the Oracle license estate and get best value from your annual Support Renewal with Oracle.

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