software license spend
Most organisations overspend 30% on software
31% of IT budgets are spent on software
6 months
The average "inhouse" implementation takes
The first insights in days with LMaaS…
Audit Ready!
Save time & money
Fast implementation
Enable your SAM team

Get in control of your software licenses with a service

Let us do the work and benefit:

  • Save your organization money on their software spend
  • Negotiate new software contracts and agreements
  • Re-harvest unused licenses
  • Optimize current entitlement allocation
  • Identify, implement and managing software processes such as:
    • Requests
    • Procurement
    • Deployment
    • End of life
  • Work towards achieving ISO, FAST and ITIL standards.

Why a service?

Fast implementation means no disruption to normal business activities. There’s no need for re-engineering of any existing internal IT infrastructure, because your service is delivered through the cloud. All of which leads to reduced costs. Do you know? We can connect to your existing inventory solution(s). That means there’s no need and extra cost for buying a new discovery/inventory solution. License – Reporter_audit connectors.
Because we can deliver results quickly, our team has years of licensing knowledge and we have extensive experience in helping organizations process software audits, you’ll have peace of mind and confidence that your organization can respond to a software audit request in a matter of days rather than months!
It’s easy for your IT and SAM teams to get bogged down in transactional License Management tasks – in fact, we found that 73% of SAM manager’s spend the majority of their week on ‘number crunching’ activities! Choosing LMaaS therefore not only powers your wider SAM program, but it also enables your teams to focus on strategic thinking.



of SAM Managers Spend the most of their time on License Reconciliation
spend most of their time compiling install and software usage data
spend most of their time on Auditing License Agreements


That means that SAM Managers spend most of their time on “transactional” License Management tasks

Defeat the numbers, start with LMaaS! Benefit from our Excellent services!

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License Management as a Service is a ‘need to have’ service offering

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