Employees bring their iPads to work to access Microsoft software. They trigger potentially expensive licensing requirements for Windows Server applications, Office suite applications and the Windows client OS, as well as they impact the yearly qualified device count (true-up),  that must be reported under Enterprise Agreements (EAs).

You may ask yourself whether your team commands the expertise and skills to manage increasingly complex licensing rules and metrics for dozens of software suppliers. Can you hold grip on integral cost and risk challenges of software licensing? Isn´t a licensing managed service the more attractive solution?

License Management as a Service (LMaaS) means regular investigation into software usage and license entitlement rights, compliance verification, ELP report creation and last but not least optimization consultancy.

The sequence is repeated at quarterly pace. Stakeholders access selected dashboards and reports on their iPads, in a secure web interface. Yearly true-up is part of the service. You may want to have your critical supplier contracts to be managed, f.e. the top-5 most expensive contracts. Your only concern is the delivery of software inventory data en software entitlement data.

LMaaS then, is the simplest way to access and manage your software license information; it is your secure, central source of truth to manage your BYOD challenge.