What we are

Knowledge leader on LMaaS (License Management as a Service)

Experts on License Management and License optimization

Business Partner on Software Asset Management, software contract optimization & negotiation and software risk analysis


What we do

Our consultants process your software inventory and license entitlement data on our License Manager platform giving you insight in your software license position.

This gives insight in software installations, software licenses used / available, compliance and costs related to your software usage and software licenses.

By outsourcing License Management, our customers can rely on all necessary information without having to invest in Software Discovery tools, License Management tools, training, courses, etc.

We offer a complete service which is priced on a per device basis for the number of machines in your organization (laptops, desktops, servers, virtual servers, etc). We do this for all desktop software publishers, but also for the data center environments like Oracle, IBM, SAP, VMware, etc.

We have the expertise, you benefit from our knowledge!

What we believe

The level of support and knowledge required to run a successful in-house SAM program is significant.

We want to take away the pain and hassle from our customers by providing License Management as a Service.

We use License Dashboard technology, a blend of proven home grown Software Asset Management technologies and our licensing expertise to power our services for you.

This saves you time on a SAM Tool selection and benefits your organization directly!



About License-Reporter.com

We help organizations who want to outsource their license management activities by utilizing their “current discovery tools” to benefit from the knowledge of our consultant’s software license expertise.

We operate from the Netherlands and service the European market with License Management Services.